Programme: Keynote Speakers

Tim Lowenstein

Binghamton University - Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies

Title: Seafloor hydrothermal systems control seawater chemistry: evidence from fluid inclusions in halite

Scientific field of interest

  • chemically deposited sediments to understand Earth’s ancient hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere and is regarded as one of the world’s authorities on salt deposits
  • changes in the chemistry of the ancient oceans
  • ancient climates and global atmospheric changes from ancient lake deposits
  • long-term survival of microorganisms and DNA in salt deposits


Maxim Portnyagin

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel - Division of Dynamics of the Ocean Floor

Title: Recent advances in experimental studies with melt inclusions at controlled P-T-fO2-aH2O conditions

Scientific field of interest

  • origin of mantle-derived magmas, their derivatives and recycling of different chemical elements in subduction-related and intraplate oceanic tectonic settings
  • the role and amount of volatiles (H2O, CO2, S, halogens) involved in magma genesis in subduction zones
  • to understand the ability of magmatic inclusions to preserve volatiles from leakage. Recently he performed many experiments with natural melt inclusions at high P-T conditions and in presence of volatiles. Some results of these experiments challenge our conventional view on melt inclusions, and they will be presented at ECROFI


Simona Ferrando

Università degli Studi di Torino - Department of Earth Sciences

Title: UHP fluid inclusions: indicators of the petrological and geochemical role of the fluids released at sub-arc depths

Scientific field of interest

  • fluid phases (and recycling of volatiles) involved in petrological and geochemical processes within oceanic and continental lithosphere from different geodynamic settings
  • metasomatic processes in crust and lithospheric mantle
  • P-T-t evolution of the crust during subduction and rifting, with geodynamic interpretations
  • micro-Raman and fluid inclusion applications in sedimentary processes
  • minero-petrographic and micro-Raman applications in Cultural Heritage


Matthew Steele-MacInnis

University of Alberta - Faculty of Science - Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Title: Solubilities of minerals in hydrothermal saline fluids

Scientific field of interest

  • Thermodynamic modeling of geologic fluids and hydrothermal systems, including sediment hosted base metal, orogenic gold, and magmatic-hydrothermal ore deposits


Julien Mercadier

French National Centre for Scientific Research | CNRS - Laboratoire Georessources

Title: LA-ICP-MS for fluid inclusion analysis: current capabilities and application cases

Scientific field of interest

  • Ore deposits and associated fluids
  • Fluid/rock interaction and elemental budget
  • Tracing chemical composition of paleo-fluids through LA-ICP-MS application
  • LA-ICP-MS development for the analysis of paleofluids and mineral chemistry

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