S1 – Sedimentary/diagenetic and hydrocarbon inclusions

Studies of fluid inclusions, including hydrocarbon inclusions, entrapped in sedimentary basins or during diagenetic processes and also fluid inclusions in speleothem are invited to this session. Results are welcome not only from academic, but from industrial fields as well, focusing on the application besides basic research.

The keynote speaker of this session is Tim Lowenstein (Binghamton University - Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies).


S2 – Inclusions of magmatic, magmatic-hydrothermal and volcanic environments

Contributions may cover any kind of single or immiscible melt (e.g. silicate, carbonate, salt, sulfide or phosphate) or related fluid inclusions in any aspect of magma or fluid formation and evolution in magmatic, magmatic-hydrothermal and volcanic environments from mantle to crust, including potential applications, experiments and problems.

The keynote speaker of this session is Maxim Portnyagin (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel - Division of Dynamics of the Ocean Floor).


S3 – Deep and metamorphic inclusions

Fluid and melt inclusion studies from low to high-grade metamorphic rocks, crustal/mantle xenoliths, abyssal peridotites, ophiolites or any other type of rock, focusing on fluids coexisting at greater lithospheric depths, are welcome here.

The keynote speaker of this session is Simona Ferrando (Università degli Studi di Torino - Department of Earth Sciences).


S4 – New frontiers in inclusion research – theory and experiments

All studies are welcome here that contribute to the understanding of natural fluid systems by theoretical approach (e.g., thermodynamic calculations, molecular dynamic calculation) and/or experimental work. In addition, any kind of research that includes new frontiers in the field of fluid inclusions are welcome here.

The keynote speaker of this session is Matthew Steele-MacInnis (University of Alberta - Faculty of Science - Earth and Atmospheric Sciences).


S5 – Ore fluid inclusions

Fluids, potentially forming in or being part of ore deposits and trapped as inclusions, provide valuable information. We invite studies of fluid inclusions from any type of ore-forming geological environment (hydrothermal, epithermal, subvolcanic etc.).

The keynote speaker of this session is Julien Mercadier (Laboratoire GeoRessources, Université de Lorraine).

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